About Us

We know a lot about money and thought that it was about time that we shared some of that information with others. We know that there are a lot of people that find it tricky to understand money and finance and we hope that we can change that. We wanted to therefore put forward information that we felt would be relevant to most people and would also be easy to understand. We have tried hard with this so that we will be able to engage lots of people. We hope that they will find the information useful as well and that it will enable them to start thinking more about money and the decisions they make with regards to it. Then we hope that they will start to make better decisions, after careful consideration and they will then benefit financially from this. We have tried hard to put this together in a clear way so even if people know very little about finance, they will still be able to have good understanding of what we mean and hopefully it will help them to change the way they do some things so that they will feel more in control of their money.